Public Library Book Sale

I was SO excited when I found out that I didn’t miss this year’s Annual Book Sale at my local library.  I love to attend these each year because they provide a wonderful variety of books at a cheap price.  Plus I am supporting my local library, and that is a good thing too!

This year I came home with 16 books!  The cost?  A very low $7.00!  Amazing, huh?  I am just so happy with my purchases!  But now comes the hard part…finding a nice shelf to house them all.  Now that is going to be a task since all my bookcases are currently filled to the maximum capacity!  (Oh the wonderful life of a reader…and no, I don’t want to get a Kindle to save space.)

Here is a picture of the books I found.  Do you see any that might interest you, or that you have currently read?  Would love to hear your thoughts if you have read or wanted to read any of these. :0)

My library book sale treasures!

4 responses to “Public Library Book Sale

  1. How exciting!! I hope we can make it to a library sale this year. I don’t know where we will put the books either. 😉

    Those all look like some interesting titles (the ones I can read).Great picks. What are the names of the Indian books. I like the look of the covers.

    • Hi Cynthia, yeah I hope you can make one too because often times there are some good books.

      The Indian book is from Time Life Book. A series they did called, “The Old West”. The Indians and The Cowboys <– that's their titles…pretty simple, huh? 😉

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