Review: Q-Squared (Star Trek)

I found this treasure in Georgia, and so I believe this title is the one that has traveled the farthest; from a bookstore there, to a home here!  Good thing I liked the story or else I would have had to travel an awful long way to get my money back, LOL.

Star Trek The Next Generation
by: Peter David

Q-Squared features the Next Generation crew, but the reason I picked it up (I’m really a TOS fan) was because of the character of Trelane, who, if you are familiar with the original series, is a character taken from the original era of the series and placed into the future Star Trek timeline involving Picard and crew.  How is this possible?  Well, Trelane isn’t human…no, he is actually a member of the Q continuum – a powerful group of beings who have God-like abilities and are capable of manipulating time, matter, and space.

The story of Q-Squared revolves around Trelane.  He discovers a source of power that enables him to become even more powerful than before…powerful enough to trap the Q continuum and possibly destroy all of creation.  With the help of Picard, Q strives to correct all the misdeeds of Trelane and secure the universe’s future.

Q is a fun character, and so is Trelane.  The two of them together made this book a very interesting and fun book to read.  The inquisitive behavior of Trelane, he is actually an adolescent in this story, brings out another side of Q, who is normally the one to cause trouble with his mischievous nature.   Seeing Q’s “adult” side is quite fun; he’s the exasperated parent trying to control the whimsy of youth.  Unfortunately Trelane has some help in his endeavors, his future self.

Due to Trelane’s ability to manipulate time and space, the story involves different tracks: A, B, and C.  Although you might think this would complicate the story, following the different tracks is not to difficult at all.  Peter David did a fine job of keeping the story flowing between these tracks without confusing the reader as to which track he was referring to; nicely done mostly when involving multi-dimensions and time travel.

It’s always fun to read about an “alternative” dimension because it is an entertaining way to see another side of the Enterprise personnel or how each member could have turned out if certain circumstances were different.  Fun because it’s an alternate reality, so it doesn’t really affect the original Star Trek timeline.   This book had an interesting alternate dimension that worked well within the story’s development.

Being a Star Trek novel, I’d recommend this to any Star Trek fan interested in reading an intriguing tale.  I wouldn’t segregate this as a book only for a Next Generation fan, but I believe any fan of Star Trek would enjoy reading this book.  Of course this is a book other readers could appreciate too; those who are interested in science fiction,  or those who like the notion of time travel or alternate realities.  Knowing something about Star Trek is a plus, but I believe you can understand and follow the story without Star Trek knowledge.

And now for a bonus, a little clip of Picard and Q to get your interest peaked!!

And a bit about Trelane!!

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