Review: Bones

by Jonathan Kellerman

It is hard for me to buy books from authors I do not know or am unfamiliar with; mostly if the author was not recommended to me by someone I know and who would have an idea of what kind of books I like.  However, sometimes I do take that chance and this was one of those times.  Part of the reason was the price…this book was only $2 and if I really hated the book, well, at least I wouldn’t have to beat myself up about paying too much for it.  Of course being written by a #1 New York bestselling author didn’t hurt either and helped me in making my decision to buy the book.

Bones is a story about murder.  In this story author Jonathan Kellerman brings back the psychologist Alex Delaware for another case filled with multiple suspects and plausible reasons for murder.  Four bodies are discovered in an L.A. marsh reserve.  Three of the victims were prostitutes but the fourth was a piano teacher for a wealthy businessman.  Alex investigates all four murders trying to find the common link that will help him solve the case.

This was an interesting story to read and I found myself drawn into the mystery of who killed these women.  Jonathan Kellerman did a wonderful job of keeping the reader absorbed in the story by introducing several interesting characters.  Since three of the victims were prostitutes, there were some areas of the book that involved sexual scenarios but nothing to detailed although if I had known in advance about these parts of the book I would of bypassed on choosing to read this book.  I don’t mind a few references, but since the murder investigation revolved around these women and trying to find out who killed them, for me there were to many.

I would recommend this book to the adult reader who likes to solve mysteries or who likes crime novels.   And if you are a fan of Jonathan Kellerman or his protagonist, Alex Delaware, this would be a book you would want to add to your collection.  Personally since the story and characters were well written, I am interested in trying another of Mr. Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series; one with less sexual content.  When I do, I’ll be sure to review it here for you to read and consider.

I did happen to find this nice publicity video which you might want to view:

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