Review: A Sound Among the Trees

A Sound Among the Trees
by Susan Meissner

A Sound Among the Trees is a book about a lady named Marielle who finds herself drawn into the history of her husband’s deceased wife.  After getting married and moving into the same house her husband, Carson, had previously shared with his first wife, Sarah, Marielle begins to hear rumors about one of Sarah’s ancestors; a strange tale involving the Civil War and a girl named Susannah.  As Marielle is drawn into the history, she discovers a few truths not only about the past but about herself as well.

This is a book that has two story lines; one in the present day involving Marielle and the other in the past involving Susannah.  While reading, I soon discovered that I was more entertained with Susannah’s story than with Marielle’s and I’m not sure if this was due to my love of history or if the story was just more intriguing.  I tend to believe it involved both…since the story was  interesting enough to keep me reading.  Overall, I’d have to say,  Susan Meissner created a wonderful story.

The story also contained the eerie haunting aspect to it as some of the residents in Fredericksburg believed the house (known as Holly Oak) was haunted.  Many also believed it was the ghost of Susannah that haunted it.  This element of the story did not focus on actual ghost hauntings, but it did share a few incidents that the characters believed were caused by the house or Susannah, and those details kept the reader wondering if the story was going to reveal a ghost or not.   Nothing over the top or detailed enough for the sensitive reader who might be considering to forgoing this book due to the haunting/ghost aspect.

Since this book did not contain any graphic or mature situations, it can be read by most audiences, however, since the book is written about women I would think that a female reader take more pleasure in it than a man would.  Another group that might be interested in reading this book would be the upper teenage girl around 16 years.

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