My Books Arrived!!

Isn’t it such a thrill when you drive up the driveway and notice a nice brown box on your doorstep?  Once I spotted that package, my gloomy face (actually left work early because I wasn’t feeling well) couldn’t help but glow with anticipation.  Instantly I knew what was nestled inside that box; yes, the 13 books I ordered from had arrived!  And I was overjoyed with the prospect of opening the parcel full of those wonderful treasures called books!  I just couldn’t wait to handle, read, and (yes) sniff the books inside. 🙂

My Books Arrived!!! After looking through them all, I decided to take a picture because I knew all my blogger friends, who are as addicted to books as I am, would love to see and read the different titles of the books that I bought.

Now the hard part is upon me… Not only do I have to find a place to shelve these books, but I also need to choose one, yes just ONE to read.  I’d really love to read them all right now but unfortunately time won’t permit me to do that since I am currently reading two other books.  In time….

And for those who love to read my reviews, the arrival of these books are a good indication that my blog is about to be hit with an invasion of review posts on children’s books.  Maybe you’ll find that perfect book for your child inside this box of mine!

Here I go to hold them some more and to make up my mind on which one I should read first.  If you have any suggestions, post them!  Until later 🙂

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