Review: The Promise Remains

The Promise Remains by Travis Thrasher

The Promise Remains by: Travis Thrasher

Normally I tend to read other genres and am not a frequent reader of romance but I  received this book as a gift from my sister and after reading the back of the book I found the story to be of interest to me.  I am glad I did because this was a very sweet story and I am thankful for my sister for sending me this book.

The Promise Remains is a love story, Ethan and Sara’s story, about waiting and trusting the Lord for direction in their relationship with one another.  They meet when they are both in their teen years; Ethan is a “worldly” teenager while Sara is a devoted Christian.  They are attracted to each other instantly but because Sara is wary of dating a non-Christian, the relationship never develops beyond one of friendship.  Through the years they stay in communication through letters – never really seeing one another in person, however, their feelings blossom…until suddenly communication is cut off and both are left wondering what happened.

This was a fun book to read.  The story is well written and keeps you engaged throughout.  I often found myself drawn to the story because I wanted to experience the love between these two people and I found myself rooting for them, even against all the obstacles they encountered.  Although the story was interesting, you never doubted the ending, and even knowing what was to come you were still enticed by the characters to continue their story.

The underlining message of the book is a Christian one, so if you are not into “Christian” stories or philosophies, then you might not enjoy this book as much as the reader who shares the same views as Sara.  Sara is a Christian who believes that it is not true to her faith to enter into a relationship with an unbeliever and this message is reinforced throughout the book by Sara’s thoughts, actions, and conversations with the other characters. Personally, I liked the story and believe this would be a wonderful book for all preteen/teenage girls to read because it depicts a female character who stands firm in what she believes in, who trusts God to see her through tough situations, and who puts God first when making decisions about life and love.  All great characteristics for young (and even older) Christian women to have. It’s a wonderful love story that is sure to delight the reader!

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