Review: Crucible Kirk

Crucible: Kirk
The Star to Every Wandering

by: David R. George III

Crucible-KirkI was lucky enough to receive this book as a gift for Christmas.  I had previously read the McCoy story and was eager to read about Spock and Kirk.  Luckily the Kirk book was half the pages of the McCoy story and therefore not as intimidating to pick up and read.

Crucible: Kirk The Star to Every Wandering was about Kirk’s journey between three different timelines.  The story begins with Kirk in the Nexus and retells the storyline you see in the movie Generations.  This pretty much sets up the story as Kirk doesn’t die on Veridian Three as the movie originally tells but instead is recaptured by the Nexus.  From that twist, David George III is able to create a tantalizing tale about Kirk and the entwining lives of his past, present, and future self.

The main plot line of the book is for Kirk to find a way to stop a temporal loop that he created when he exited the Nexus.  As Guinan put it, “Your (Kirk’s) departure with Captain Picard to Veridian Three then initiated the convergence loop.”  The convergence of this loop destroyed every planet in its path and ultimately ended up killing scores of people.  Of course Kirk couldn’t let this happen and so the story begins.

Personally I really enjoyed the story David George III weaved together.  It is complex and keeps you wondering at how Kirk is going to fix this mess he created.  And although you are reading about three different Kirks, the story is told well enough that you do not find yourself confused about which Kirk you are reading about.

The only part of the story that I was kind of disappointed in was that the storyline involving Edith really never materialized.  Yes, she was mentioned in the book and she was part of the driving force of Kirk and why he was the way he was, but you were never taken back into the Edith story unless Kirk was reminiscing or retelling about an event in which Edith was present.  No new “what if” storyline was introduced to the reader and so the story in this book never ventured to explain what could have happened if Kirk stayed in the past and let Edith live, and that was a bit disappointing to me.

Overall the story was well thought out; it kept the reader engaged.  I would definitely recommend this book to any Star Trek fan, either of TOS or one of the other Star Trek series.  No real history of Star Trek is needed to fully enjoy the scope of this book but of course it doesn’t hurt to know the TV and movie history of the characters.

Side note: Crucible: Kirk is the third book in the Crucible series and although it’s part of a series, it can be read as a standalone.  The previous two books in the series are 1. Crucible: McCoy and 2. Crucible: Spock.

The three characters you’ll explore in the Crucible series: McCoy, Spock, and Kirk.

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