Review: River Rising

River Rising
by Athol Dickson

Review written by: MaryEllen Herrera

When I first bought this book I didn’t care much for the cover, but now that I’ve read the book the picture has more meaning than before.  It’s neat to see how the cover now enhances the story that was told.  Do you ever buy a book not knowing what the picture means until you’ve read the story?

The setting for this book is Pilotville, Louisiana and the time period is 1927.  The main character, Reverend Hale Poser, comes to this town looking for his roots – he was raised in an orphanage and has recently learned his home town is Pilotville.  He has come there for answers but instead he is drawn into a mystery…a kidnapping of an infant.  As he looks for the baby he stumbles upon a hidden plantation with a terrible secret.  As he learns more about Pilotville and the inhabitants he discovers who he is and why he has returned.

I enjoyed this book.   Although the underlining theme of the book has a religious tone, Athol does a great job of creating a story that is solid enough for any reader – not just Christians or those who believe in the Bible.

This story also has a bit of mystery to it and as you read you are trying to figure out how all of the pieces fit together.  The book begins with Reverend Poser arriving in Pilotville and his interactions with the people there but then almost half way into the story Poser is plucked from there and placed into a whole new scenario.  This change in the story makes you wonder how the two are going to fit together.  Once the author does link the stories together you are pleasantly surprised at how they are connected.

Athol’s writing makes this book an easy read.  I would recommend River Rising to those who love to read a story with twists that keep them guessing how it will end.

One response to “Review: River Rising

  1. I love that you enjoy reading so much. I think I somehow lost my love of reading somewhere in the past 6 years of business but, I so hope that someday I get my passion for it back. Books are so wonderful and I especially love history so a book like this would have been right up my alley! Isn’t it crazy how differently people dressed but, we are all really the same under the clothes! ;).

    You better believe I’ll be bringing Daisy by GL!

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