Review: The Sacred Place

The Sacred Place
by Daniel Black

This is another bargain book I bought – I just love bargains!  And I am especially happy when I buy a book at a great cost and I then discover that I truly enjoyed the story.  This was that kind of book.

The story takes you back to Mississippi, the year is 1955 when segregation and prejudice still reign.  You are introduced to the Johnson family and the Cuthbert family – the Johnsons are black, the Cuthbert whites.  An incident between them ignites a revolution for the blacks in Money, Mississippi that will forever change the way people are treated in this city.

Once you begin to read this book, you will be anxiously turning page after page.  I had to slow myself down when reading the story as I found myself skimming more than reading just so I could find out what happens.  Daniel Black does a wonderful job of bringing the south to life in this tale by the way the characters talk and by the way thy conduct their business.  You begin to feel for the people in the story and cheer them on as the Johnson family is embolden by the incidents they are made to endure.  Some parts make you raise an eyebrow in wonder as the author takes you to some strange places; such as the mental stability of Rosenthal’s mind as he is made to choose to accept or come against racial injustice.

On a side note, the story does share a few sexual situations but they are between a wife and husband.  It’s a small part of the book and you can skip over it if you are uncomfortable with this kind of content.

Overall I was happy with the story and how it was told.  This is a book I would recommend for any adult reader, but be aware that this book may cause your emotions to run a little higher and do I dare say you might even shed a tear or two.

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