Review: The Thirteenth Tale

The Thirteenth Tale

Cover of the one I read.

The Thirteenth Tale
by: Diane Setterfield

This was a rare find online; it cost me a dollar and after reading it, I have discovered it was well worth the money.

The story has multiple main characters with Margaret and Vida being the top two.  Their lives come together when Vida writes Margaret a letter telling Margaret she has been chosen to write her life story.  Uncertain at first, Margaret decides to accept this offer and travels to Vida’s estate.

The tale then goes into the past for both Margaret and Vida.  It switches from one life to the next and from one time period to another yet the reader is never confused about the characters, the time line, or the story.  It is well written and it engages you.  It was a book I couldn’t really put down for long and I am sure my other books laying on the nightstand were pretty sad each night as I reached for this one over and over again.

The story had a few surprising twists and during some of the narratives I found myself guessing at what the outcome would be.  Truth be told that before the “surprise” ending was written, I had guessed it but that didn’t take away from the story and there were other areas where I hadn’t made the best guess and was pleasantly surprised when I read these twists to the tale.

I would happily recommend this to any reader who likes stories weaved within stories.  I would recommend this to the reader who likes to try to solve the puzzle before the last page is read.  And I’d recommend this to those people who say they don’t like to read because they can’t seem to get into the story.  If you see yourself in any of those readers mentioned, then this is the book for you!  I know you will thoroughly enjoy it!

I now happily place the book back on my shelf…but because I enjoyed it so much, I will take note of the author – Diane Setterfield – as she just added a new fan with this book!

Below is another cover of the book – I’m not sure why there are two covers but wanted to make you aware of it in case you went searching for this title.

Alternate cover to the one I own.

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