Review: Long Train Passing

Long Train Passing
by Steven Wise

I am going to review this book before I’ve completed it because I’m not sure how long it is going to take me to finish it.  The story is okay – about a young lady, Annabelle, who is in her first year of teaching reaches out to a child in her class that is troubled.  The child, a boy by the name of Jewell, is from a dysfunctional home and lives with his Dad who drinks and occasionally beats him.  The teacher is a soft spoken Christian lady that has overcome some obstacles of her own; one being dropped when she was a little baby which caused her to develop abnormally.  She is short and her neck to shoulder proportion is off.

The reason I say it might take me awhile to finish is that although the story has the potential to be interesting, the author writes it in a plain manner; stringing sentences together but with no real “glue”.  I have also found multiply errors in the spelling where a word should say, for example, “to” but is written “top”.  I’m not sure if that is an author or editor error but nonetheless it is quiet annoying.

I have read half the book and as of yet haven’t bonded with the characters.  I am not pulled from page to page in anticipation as to what will happen next.  I’ll actually be fine with putting the book back on my shelf without finishing it but my motto is finish what you’ve started and that’s what I am going to do.  Most books on my shelf have been read from cover to cover and I plan to do the same with this one…hopefully.

As for the title, I haven’t figured out why the book mentions a train.  Maybe I’ll find the answer when I read a third of the way through but half way through it hasn’t explained it to me and if it did, I must have skimmed over it or it must have been written very vaguely.

Not a very good review from me but I guess all the books I buy can’t be “gems”.

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